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Why Portland Is Building a Multi-Modal Bridge That Bans Cars


It’s an act of urban planning maybe even more so than a transit project.”

connected, finally!

Tilikum Crossing is the nation’s first multi-modal bridge that will be off-limits to private automobiles. It will carry MAX light rail trains (the impetus for construction) as well as Portland’s streetcar line and city buses, and of course pedestrian and bike lanes on both sides—but no cars. If the bridge looks elegant in its slenderness, that may be because the omission of private automobiles keeps it from taking on a more gargantuan array of lanes and entry/exit ramps.

"[The] original decision to turn down federal dollars for a freeway and instead to invest that in MAX (light-rail), that’s a fundamental shift that other American cities don’t make."

read more: citylab, 19.08.14.
more photos: the portland-milwaukie light-rail project on flickr.

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